Our Promise

We guarantee that our gym will always be clean, all classes will start on time and all instructors will know your name. We will ensure we provide you with a safe and progressive environment to train in and will support you on your journey. Whether your goal is to exercise and get fit, or to train and compete like a pro, we’ll be here for you and we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time in our gym. A free trial is available. Please contact us to arrange your trial lesson.


Our Classes

We provide the wide range of classes that work from beginner to expert level


White Belt Class

Beginner Class

This class is only for white belts, beginners, who have recently started Brazilian Jiu-JItsu. Here you will learn basic moves and fundamental techniques that will help you build confidence and understanding of different positions. Our focus in this class is on learning techniques rather than sparring.

All Belts Class

Mixed Class 

This class is for practitioners of any level. It's a great chance to test your skills against teammates you might not normally train with, You will learn all levels of technique. We also explain competition rules and tactics in this classes.


Coloured Belts Class

Intermediate Class

This class is for blue belts and above where you will be introduced to advanced techniques, concepts and strategy. There will also be an opportunity to train in specific as well as full sparring situations.


Submission Grappling 

This class is similarly structured to the all belts class where members of all levels are welcome to attend. We follow the current IBJJF Rules (heel hook, knee reaping etc are allowed in elite divisions). You must wear a rashguard and shorts in this class.


Kids & Youth Class

Kids Class: 6 - 9 years old, Youth: 10 - 15 years old

Moday, Wednesday and Thursday

​Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is FUN! At Carpe Diem BJJ London we have a dedicated Kids Programme which delivers an introduction into this wonderful art. Students will learn key movements and concepts used in the sport of jiu-jitsu, its effectiveness as a martial art and as a form of self-defence and valuable lessons which they can then take with them from the mats into their everyday lives. We want your kids to work hard in a safe and supportive environment, and above all to enjoy themselves!

Private Lesson

1 on 1 lesson

Private lessons are available in both one-on-one and small group formats, which could be a more cost effective option. Please feel free to ask any member of staff about the available options. Private lessons take place during off-peak hours, running outside of the academy schedule, e.g. early morning/after lunch/late night.


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