Our Monthly Memberships



Full Membership*

You can attend all classes


8 Days Membership*

You can attend up to 8 days a month


Morning BJJ Membership

You can attend weekday morning classes. The drop-in fee payment is required in order to join other classes.


Ladies Membership*

You can attend all classes


Student Membership*

Students can attend all classes. Valid student card required.


Kids Membership*

Kids aged 6 to 15 years of age can take any kids class (Junior 6-10, Senior 11-15)


Membership Suspension

Temporary suspension of membership will incur a £20/month.
In all cases please make requests before the 20th of the month. For example, if you wish to resign or change membership at the end of May, please notify us by May 20th.


Annual Membership

**If you pay one year in advance the membership only requires an 11 month payment (1 month discount!)

£18 a day


£18/1 Day, £34/2 Days, £42/3 Days, £70/1 Week, £100/2 Weeks, £150/1 Month

*Please make sure that you contact us prior to your visit. Failure to do so may mean you are unable to train with us.

£70 a month

Gi Clearining & Private Locker Service 

This service allows you to keep your Kimono at the dojo. When you finish training just throw your kimono in the basket provided in the change rooms and the staff will wash, dry, fold and put your kimono in your locker. This service includes the use of a rental towel. And so there is no need to bring anything when you come to the dojo. Of course you can also keep other stuff such as supplements in your locker too.


Rental Gi & Towel

All sizes are available with a towel

Private Lesson

Private lessons are available in both one-on-one and small group formats.
Please feel free to ask any of us about the available options.

£70 a lesson(1h), £260 for 4 lessons

Tsuyoshi Tamaki

£50 a lesson, £180 for 4 lessons

Ed Dingley