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We're Reopening in 3 weeks

Updated: May 4

In accordance with the government roadmap for the easing of coronavirus restrictions, we would like to announce our plans for the reopening of the academy.

We plan to open at ‘Step 3’*, on the 17th May for non-contact solo sessions. This is due to social distancing rules still being in place. We hope members will use this time to ease themselves back into a training routine to ensure that once full contact training is permitted, risk of injury is kept to a minimum!

‘Step 4’**, on the 21st June is the date we hope to transition to unrestricted training, returning to a full adult and kids schedule. This is of course a provisional plan of action, but we hope these dates set out by the government in the roadmap out of lockdown will be met.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to the mats very soon!

* Stope 3- reopen for the current members

**Step 4 - available for trail sessions, new members and drop-in

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