Trial lesson

If you are interested, you may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson* at CARPE DIEM BJJ London. Please contact us to arrange a convenient time and date using the link below. When attending a trial class, there is no need to bring any kit. We will provide you with a Gi, rashguard and belt.

*Pease make sure you contact us and arrange your trial lesson in advance.
*A Trial lesson is for individuals looking to join CARPE DIEM on a long term basis. If you are visiting or living in London short term, you are welcome to train with us as a visitor.

White belt class

These classes are suitable for white belts only. Attendees can range from compete beginners with no previous experience, to members on the cusp of receiving their blue belt. We cycle through basic concepts and simple techniques that will help build your confidence and understanding of all the fundamental positions in BJJ. Our focus in this class is on learning through drilling techniques rather than sparring.

Book a trial lesson