It’s fine to arrive after the class has started, but please signal to the instructor before getting on the mat. It’s also fine to leave the class early, provided you notify the instructor of your early departure.

Free Trial Lesson

Interested people may join one of our group classes for a free trial lesson* at CARPE DIEM BJJ London. Please contact Tsuyoshi Tamaki to arrange a convenient time and date. If you are coming for a trial lesson, or for your first few lessons, you don’t need to bring anything. We will provide you with a Gi(the traditional Jiu-jitsu uniform) and a towel. We have changing rooms and shower facilities available.

Book a trial lesson
*Pease make sure that you take a contact and arrange your trial lesson in advance.
*A Trial lesson is for people who is planing to join our gym and permanently London residence. If you are visiting or living in London, you can join as a visitor.

White belt class

This class is only for beginners who have recently started BJJ. Here you will learn basic moves and fundamental techniques that will help you build confidence and understanding of different positions. Our focus in this class is on learning techniques rather than sparring.

Coloured belt class

This class is for blue belts and above where you will be introduced to advanced techniques and strategy. There will also be an opportunity to train in specific and full sparring situations.

All belt class

This class is for members of any level. It’s a great chance for you to test your skills against teammates you might not normally train with. You can learn all levels of technique. We also explain competition rules and tactics in this class.


You must wear a rash-guard and shorts in this class. Class is the same as an all belt class, and members of all levels are welcome to participate. We follow IBJJF rules. (no heel hooks, slamming etc)

Kids BJJ

This is where our future champions are born! Classes cater for all ages and abilities and are delivered in a welcoming, fun and safe environment. Kids will learn the values of discipline and self-control, whilst also being instilled with confidence to take away with them into their daily life.

Private Lesson 

Private lessons are available at Carpe Diem BJJ London, in both one-on-one and small group formats, which could be more cost effective option for you. Please feel free to ask any of us about the available options. We are happy to report significant interest in having these personal lessons during off-peak hours at all of our dojos, running from earlier in the morning to later at night. Clients are also free to record their lessons.