Kids BJJ


Brazilian Jiu – jitsu is FUN

At Carpe Diem BJJ London we have a dedicated Kids Programme which delivers an introduction into this wonderful art. Students will learn key movements and concepts used in sport of jiu-jitsu, its effectiveness as a martial art and as a form of self-defence and valuable lessons which they can then take with them from the mats into their everyday lives.
We want your kids to work hard in a safe and supportive environment and above all enjoy themselves!


We have two classes available for your children,

depending on their age:

Tues / Thurs

4pm – 4:50pm / Juniors 6-10 yrs old
5pm – 5:50pm / Seniors 11-15 yrs old

We also offer a class drop in fee of £18 p/class if you feel it would be more suitable for you. Please note: drop in students will not be eligible for grading

Curriculum Content

  • Introduction to BJJ: key movements, concepts and values
  • BJJ for self defence against bullying.
  • Problem solving and situational sparring.

Curriculum Goals

  • To develop self control, discipline and build confidence.
  • To learn fundamental techniques in BJJ and how to apply them in sparring situations.
  • To improve coordination and athleticism.
  • To make friends and have fun!

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