Carpe Diem BJJ London Director/Black Belt

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I have been working for Carpe Diem Bjj under Yuki Ishikawa (founder of Carpe Diem BJJ) for over six years where I was Head Instructor at the Aoyama dojo.
Our aim at Carpe Diem BJJ London is to provide you with a safe and progressive environment and support you on your journey. Whether your goal is to exercise and get fit, or to train and compete like a pro, we’ll be here for you and we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time

Instructor/Brown Belt

I have been training since 2012. As a former PE teacher though I’m also really interested in training methods and different approaches to learning, now of course specifically in BJJ. Aside from this I also love any music with bass, cycling and seeing some of London’s many brutalist sites on offer.

Instructor/Brown Belt

Unfortunately, by the time I discovered BJJ it was too late to make it my primary career. However, I have been teaching for the last five years, competing regularly, and am hugely passionate about my quest for global old man jiu-jitsu domination. As I am about snowboarding and heavy metal. And travelling. And fine dining. And many other things.

Instructor/Brown Belt

I started training 12 years ago at home in Northern Ireland and was hooked immediately. I competed in BJJ, No-gi and eventually MMA. Moving around and focusing on my career meant I couldn’t always put in the hours I would have liked, but life is a lot more balanced these days and I’m back to lots of training. I have two guinea pigs named Jacob and Esteban.