Rental kimono

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we have several sizes of gis(A0, A1, A2 and A3) which you can rent for £10 per class. You also get a towel with this for the shower afterwards.

Reception area

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonSystem

We’ve installed private lockers, safety lockers, fridge and cupboards in the reception area. Kimono cleaning & private locker service is available for members that costs £100 per month. Please ask our staff to get more information if you are interested.

Kimono Cleaning & Private Locker

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonCarpe Diem Bjj London, System

We’ll provide service which allows you to keep your Kimono at the academy. When you finish training just throw your kimono in the basket provided in the change rooms and the staff will wash, dry, fold and put your kimono in your locker. This service includes the use of a rental towel. And so there is no need to bring … Read More