Attack the Back!

Olliekids BJJ

This week the kids have been focussing on attacking the back from an open guard whilst their opponent is on their knees. Although this could be seen as a relatively straight forward attack the kids had to learn many new movements in order to succeed. As with anything, it is often the case that we find new movements and positions … Read More

Kids Classes back in full swing after Summer Break

Olliekids BJJ

Welcome back everyone! It’s been great to catch up with the kids after their summer breaks and to hear of all their travels. Even more great to see all the kids working hard: starting this month as they had finished before the break. I hope everyone managed to get some rest too, ready for getting back into regular training again … Read More

Don’t Panic!

Olliekids BJJ

During the last few classes of our Kids Summer Schedule we have been looking at getting out of some difficult positions. This week we specifically looked at escaping side control and the things we should try to remember when stuck in this position. Whilst at first it can be easy to get frustrated when in bad positions, it is important … Read More

Mount Escapes!

Olliekids BJJ

Getting used to being uncomfortable is one of the hallmarks of jiu-jitsu. Escaping mount position is not easy – so time must be invested into the techniques in order to be learnt. But once the knowledge is there, what else is there to worry about?

The World is Yours

Olliekids BJJ

Kids Summer Squad have been practicing hard.. and some have clearly been enjoying the sun more than others! The summer schedule continues until September so be sure to drop in when you can.


Olliekids BJJ

Although it may be very tempting to, at times, rely too heavily on your grips whilst sparring they should not be the only form of control you have on your opponent. Both whilst playing and passing the guard, what you do with your legs can be the difference between success and failure. Here, our resident sisters are showing a simple … Read More

Get Up, Stand Up

Olliekids BJJ

Filip showing us what a perfect breakfall, technical stand up and ninja base looks like. Great work champ!

Sister Act

Olliekids BJJ

There are many different ways to motivate yourself to train harder and more often, but perhaps none are as great as a healthy rivalry between siblings to help hone your skills. The very roots of BJJ stem from this and throughout the history of the sport there are plenty of fine examples of brothers and sisters pushing each other to … Read More

It’s All In The Hips!

Olliekids BJJ, Ollie

This week the Carpe Diem Kids have been learning some new ways to bring their opponents to the ground. This basic hip throw can be very effective and is a great entry into learning the concepts and understanding the mechanics of leverage. Of course, whilst these general principles might be easy to pick up, it will take a lot of … Read More