Master European in Barcelona

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Today I won gold in my bracket at #ibjjfmastereurope2018 . Score sheets were not that impressive, but I’m reasonably happy with how I fought – always in control and didn’t give up anything. Even went for a couple of subs, but unfortunately couldn’t finish. Thank you Tsuyoshi and Oliver, all my training partners at #carpediembjj , #carpediemlondon, and #rgagymbox , … Read More

Sun comes up earlier

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Early morning roll with these giants! Join us on Mondays and Thursdays from 6AM! This is how we roll out here Packing heat ‘cause it’s cold out here Hold your own, don’t show no fear Or you’re gonna lose your soul out here…

Gi choke from the half guard

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonAlex's Blog

The good thing is that we are now getting great turnouts for all of our classes, including lunch time! The bad news is that Tsuyoshi just showed everyone how to kill my half guard… Game on!