Nomadic Physio in Session


This week our members have been enjoying having Donny aka ‘The Nomadic Physio’ around the gym. He’ll be here for another 10 days, so if you have any niggles that need looking at make sure you make the most of his expertise. If you are interested please speak to one of us at the dojo or send us an email to arrange a suitable time. Thanks!

Senior Kids: Points & Passing the Closed Guard

Olliekids BJJ, Ollie

In order to maximise your chances of being successful in any sport it is important to know the rules before you start. In competitive jiu-jitsu there is a points scoring system which correlates to a hierarchy of positional dominance, all of which are directly related to the ease from which you may submit and/or control your opponent from. No leg submissions of any kind are permitted in kids competitive jiu-jitsu, and as such, the value of passing the guard cannot be understated: without doing so you have no chance to finish your opponent before the end of a bout. This week, I’ve been really impressed with the effort the Senior Kids have put into learning how to successfully negotiate their way out of closed guard and therefore free up their attacking options. They have also worked hard to familiarise themselves with how each position correlates to scoreboard pressure. Keep up the great work guys!

Kids BJJ: Hip Bump Sweep from Closed Guard

Olliekids BJJ, Ollie

This week the kids have been focussing on attacking a sweep from the most common guard – closed guard. The guard is a position that separates jiu-jitsu from other martial arts. Although it is widely considered to be a neutral position, closed guard is in fact an advantageous position to the guard player. From it, we have the ability to control our opponent and attack sweeps or submissions, while they are limited to only breaking open the closed guard before proceeding into attacks of their own. As such, mastery of the closed guard is considered a fundamental tool in the building blocks of jiu-jitsu. Whilst many other guards may be considered more exciting and versatile, the concepts learnt and developed in closed guard set the jiu-jitsu player up with lessons that can be applied in whichever direction the sport may take them.

Summer Competition Calendar

OllieCarpe Diem, Ollie

As a few of our members have expressed an interest in competing recently I thought I’d put together a list of the competitions that I’ll be going to this summer. Please see below:

Saturday 9th June | Bournemouth BJJ Open

Saturday 23rd June (Gi) & Sunday 24th June (Nogi) | IBJJF British Nationals (Crystal Palace, London)

Saturday 15th July | Brighton BJJ Open

Sunday 5th August | Surrey Open BJJ (Guildford, Surrey)

Wednesday 22nd August – Saturday 25th August | IBJJF World Masters (Las Vegas, USA)

If anyone would like to join you would be more than welcome to come along, either to compete or just to see what they’re all about and support. If you think competing is something you’d like to give a go please let one of the members of staff know before you enter, especially if you are a white belt or have never competed before.

We’d like to stress that there’s absolutely no expectation for our members to compete – this is just an option to hopefully make it easier to coordinate logistics etc. That being said it should be fun and I always feel it to be a valuable learning experience whatever the outcome.

Lost Property


Another week, another white belt. Please pick up this week. Cheers

G.I. Juniors

Olliekids BJJ, Ollie

As we know jiu-jitsu is largely performed on the ground. Here, our Junior Kids perform a soldier drill to develop their co-ordination and mobility. We always do drills like this as part of our warm up so that they will learn to move effortlessly when in close contact with the mat.