Attack the Back!

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This week the kids have been focussing on attacking the back from an open guard whilst their opponent is on their knees. Although this could be seen as a relatively straight forward attack the kids had to learn many new movements in order to succeed. As with anything, it is often the case that we find new movements and positions a challenge, but through consistent practise and effort we are able to make our actions more fluent. Next week, we’ll find out how to submit someone once we have the back, so be sure to be there!

New line up

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New tastes in Stock – pear, peach and orange(still). Try Nocco BCAA before/after your training.

Kids Classes back in full swing after Summer Break

Olliekids BJJ

Welcome back everyone!

It’s been great to catch up with the kids after their summer breaks and to hear of all their travels. Even more great to see all the kids working hard: starting this month as they had finished before the break. I hope everyone managed to get some rest too, ready for getting back into regular training again and their new school term. Of course, it was also great to see some of you over the holidays attend our Summer Schedule.

Our CD Kids Programme has now resumed it’s regular schedule with 3 classes per week on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 4-4:50pm for Juniors and 5-5:50pm for our Seniors.

Please also don’t forget that we have free trials available for anyone interested, so be sure to let your friends know and bring them down to show them what it’s all about.

See you on the mats!

IBJJF Asian 2018

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Carpe Diem BJJ conquered IBJJF Asian 2018.
Congrats boyz and girz!

Lost Property


Another bumper week this week. Please pick up asap or risk losing forever. Cheers

One more week for Thomas seminar

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Saturday no-gi class

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We’ll have a no-gi class on Saturdays at 13:45-14:45 that is taught by Mark Curry.
He had been practicing BJJ, Judo and MMA in his career.
Especially he is good at take down techniques.