Triangle Time for the Kids!

Olliekids BJJ

Today the Senior kids were looking at the triangle choke submission from open guard. Triangles are one of the stalwarts of the bjj scene and are still favoured today by many of the elite level grapplers. As with any submission the set up is very important in order to get to finish successfully and the kids worked hard to understand and achieve this – well done all!

Carpe Diem London training camp for European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu championship 2019

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonEuropean 2019

We’ll be holding a Carpe Diem London training camp for European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu championship 2019.
Please see below for more info:

Schedule: 7/1[Mon]-14/1[Mon], 8 Days
weekday: drill & conditioning at 11:00-12:00, camp training at 14:00-15:30/ weekend: camp training at 15:00-16:30

Fees*: full £120, 3 days £50, 2 days £40, 1 day £25
*Camp patricipants will be able to attend our regular classes with no extra charges

The purpose of the camp is to train Carpe Diem BJJ staff members competing in the European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Training will focus on techniques, drilling, and sparring. All participants are welcome from UK as well as overseas. There are no particular prerequisites and all are welcome regardless of gender or belt/rank.

The training will be hard, but not pointlessly painful. The second but equally important purpose of the camp is to build bonds between BJJ enthusiasts from around the world.

We only have space for 20 people so in order to reserve your spot please contact us via email/facebook/instagram.
To Book your place now:
cdbjjuk at (replace “at” with “@“)

Drill to Win!

Olliekids BJJ

This week the kids have been getting in the reps for their passing drills. Here, Jonaton is working on his knee slide pass. The focus in this exercise is more in creating a dynamic pattern of movement to encourage the students to attempt passing on each side, rather than the attention of specific hand placements. In this way, it enables the students to get a good warm up which is embedded with jiu-jitsu specific concepts for them to take away. Keep up the great work guys!

Kids Holiday Schedule

Olliekids BJJ

Kids Classes will be having a break this festive period. The last class of the year will be on Thursday 13th December and we will resume again on Tuesday 15th January 2019.

We wish all families a very happy & healthy Christmas and New Year. Everyone has worked really hard so please enjoy your well deserved rest!

Thanks, Ollie

Kids: Developing Leadership Skills

Olliekids BJJ

In our recent kids classes the students have been encouraged to develop their leadership skills by taking the warm ups at the start of the class. I was really impressed by the students’ positive response, and they have taken the extra responsibility in their stride. They have been very creative in coming up with new ideas for movement patterns and have demonstrated excellent communication skills in instructing their groups. It has also given the students some ownership in their learning and freedom to express themselves, which has been great to see. 

Kids Uniform Update: Rental Gis and Rash Guards

Olliekids BJJ

Note for all Parents:

Please be aware that as of Tuesday 4th December all students participating in the Kids classes must wear a gi and rash guard. If students do not own their own gi they will be able to rent one from the dojo for £5 per session. This is to ensure that all students can benefit from learning the techniques taught in the class. As the winter closes in and the temperature falls we also ask that all students now bring rash guards (or t-shirts) to wear underneath their gi during classes.

Many thanks, Ollie

It’s Armbar week for the Kids!

Olliekids BJJ

This week the kids have been looking at one of the fundamental submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu: the armbar from closed guard. When teaching this technique we emphasised the importance of being safe, both whilst applying it and having it applied, and I was very impressed with the maturity shown by all the students. Although it is a textbook submission in the gentle art it can be quite intricate and challenging when learning for the first time, so I was really pleased with the care and attention to detail the students showed. Great work all!