Kids Uniform Update: Rental Gis and Rash Guards

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Note for all Parents: Please be aware that as of Tuesday 4th December all students participating in the Kids classes must wear a gi and rash guard. If students do not own their own gi they will be able to rent one from the dojo for £5 per session. This is to ensure that all students can benefit from learning … Read More

It’s Armbar week for the Kids!

Olliekids BJJ

This week the kids have been looking at one of the fundamental submissions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu: the armbar from closed guard. When teaching this technique we emphasised the importance of being safe, both whilst applying it and having it applied, and I was very impressed with the maturity shown by all the students. Although it is a textbook submission in … Read More

New Year Holidays Schedule

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonCarpe Diem Bjj London

December 15th(Sat) Belt promotion ceremony & End of year party 24th(Mon) Holiday schedule** 25th(Tue) CLOSED 26th(Wed) Holiday schedule** 27th(Thu) Holiday schedule** 28th(Fri) Holiday schedule** 29th(Sat) Regular schedule** 30th(Sun) Regular schedule** 31st(Mon) CLOSED January 1st(Tue) CLOSED 8th(Tue)-14th(Mon) European Camp 18th(Fri) CLOSED 22nd(Tue) Iwasaki seminar*** **Holiday schedule: all belts at 12:30-13:30, open mat at 13:30-14:30 ***All classes are canceled in the evening … Read More

Kids Working as a Team

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During our kids classes we encourage the students to work together in small groups to help solve the many problems jiu-jitsu can pose us. By adopting different roles (for example: one student could be coaching while the others perform a drill) the students are able to deepen their understanding of positions and what objectives each player might have in any … Read More

Kids: Working in a Safe Enviroment

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This week the kids have been putting their knowledge to the test in a series of “mini super battles” with each other. In these short battles they each have clear objectives in trying to apply what they have learnt, in order to test the effectiveness of their jiu-jitsu. A large emphasis is placed on creating a safe environment for the … Read More

Attack the Back!

Olliekids BJJ

This week the kids have been looking at ways to attack their opponent’s back. Once back control is gained, it is very hard for the opponent to escape and the chances of being able to submit them is high. It is often seen as the best position in jiu-jitsu and one we often try to work towards. With these points … Read More