Pirates of Jiu-Jitsu

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Pirates of Jiu-Jitsu. We are CARPE DIEM!!  柔術界の海賊王になる! @carpediembjj_official  Video by Nicci Keller @niccikeller   Yuki Ishikawa @yukicdbjj  Masahiro Iwasaki @masahirocdbjj  Tomoyuki Hashimoto @tomoyukicdbjj  Tomoshige Sera @tomoshigecdbjj  Thomas Mietz @thomascdbjj  Koya Okazaki @koyacdbjj  Kazuki Watanabe @kazukicdbjj  Haisam Rida @haisamcdbjj  Keito Oyanagi @keitocdbjj  Makoto Suzuki @makotocdbjj  Daiki Yonekura … Read More

Make a new culture with us

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There were 18 peoples in the early morning class in Carpe Diem Mita. We’ll be able to make it happen in UK. Let’s make a new culture with us in CDLDN.

Congrats Masahiro

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Masahiro Iwasaki @masahirocdbjj took 3rd place in Marianas Open @marianasopen !! He beat Gilbert “Durinho” Burns and Servio Tulio. He got choked out by Isaque Bahiense who got the gold medal today.   Congrats Masahiro!!  

Marianas Open 2018

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Iwasaki and Thomas are competing at Marianas Open in Guam. Good luck, boyz.

CD Boyz

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Rintaro was one of most dedicated students and had been helping me a lot when I taught classes in Carpe Diem Aoyama. I’m so happy to see that you promoted black belt. Congrats!

Sun comes up earlier

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Early morning roll with these giants! Join us on Mondays and Thursdays from 6AM! This is how we roll out here Packing heat ‘cause it’s cold out here Hold your own, don’t show no fear Or you’re gonna lose your soul out here…