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Kimono Cleaning & Private Locker

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonCarpe Diem Bjj London, System

We’ll provide service which allows you to keep your Kimono at the academy. When you finish training just throw your kimono in the basket provided in the change rooms and the staff will wash, dry, fold and put your kimono in your locker. This service includes the use of a rental towel. And so there is no need to bring … Read More


Carpe Diem BJJ LondonCarpe Diem Bjj London

Dear friends of Carpe Diem BJJ! We have some good news and some bad news… 

The bad news is that we’re are falling a week or two behind schedule and won’t be ready to officially open on February 1st. The good news is that mats and one changing room will be ready by that date, and we have decided to … Read More

Kids programme

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– Junior (6 to 10) Our juniors will enjoy this time learning some of the fundamental principles and movements involved in BJJ as well as developing self control and confidence. – Senior (10-15) Our seniors will be able to learn more advanced techniques and strategies land then put their skills to the test in a fun and safe environment.

Evening class

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonClasses

We’ll have 2-3 evening classes every weekday and provide you with a variety of classes including: white belt, all levels and coloured belt classes, as well as no-gi and over-40 sessions.

Lunchtime class

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We’ll have lunchtime classes 6 days a week as it’s a great time to train in the day. It’s fine to arrive after the class has started, but please signal to the instructor before getting on the mat. It’s also fine to leave the class early, provided you notify the instructor of your early departure.

Morning class

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonClasses

Morning classes will take place twice a week. The class starts at 6am which will be a great way to start your day.