100 members

Carpe Diem BJJ LondonCarpe Diem Bjj London

I’ve now got 100 members in CDLDN. Thanks to all members for choosing CDLDN . I’m so happy to be surrounded with you guys. I’m sure that we’re definitely making a new culture and style in UK. The gym facilities must be one of best in London. Me, Ollie,Alex and Mark have been teaching classes in very high quality that’d be never been in UK before CDLDN opened.
This is not a goal, CDLDN is gonna be the best gym in Europe.
I’m working hard util making it happen. 
I’d like to say that our promise to all members again,
we guarantee that our gym will always be clean, all classes will start on time and all instructors will know your name. We will ensure we provide you with a safe and progressive environment to train in and will support you on your journey. We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time in CDLDN.